The 12th International Telemann Competition 2023 is dedicated to the composer’s vocal oeuvre. The competition is open to the public and will take place from March 10 to 19, 2023 in Magdeburg. Eligible for participation are singers of any nationality for whom the historically informed performance practice serves as the fundamental basis for their musical interpretations, who were born after March 10, 1988 and before March 10, 2005, and who agree to the competition’s conditions.

During the competition rounds, experienced accompanists will be available: harpsichordists for rounds 1 to 3, violinists for round 2. The 3rd and final round will be accompanied by the renowned Leipzig Baroque Orchestra. All participants will be able to rehearse with the accompanists.

A flat-rate expense allowance of EUR 25.00 per round will be charged for the accompaniment by the organizer’s accompanists. This flat fee is payable in cash before each round.

It is welcomed to bring your own accompanists for the 1st and 2nd round at your own expense. The name(s) must be indicated on the registration form. If the registered accompanist(s) are unable to attend the competition, the organizer’s répétiteurs will be available as substitutes for the accompaniment of the 1st and 2nd round.

Participants will be provided with rehearsal rooms free of charge. Rehearsal time as well as a warm-up time with the accompanists directly before the performance are guaranteed.

The organizer reserves the right to make audio and audio-visual recordings of all competition events and to use them in connection with the competition. Recordings by the participants or on their behalf are not permitted.


Works by Georg Philipp Telemann and his contemporaries that are named in the repertoire list of the 12th International Telemann Competition are to be prepared. This repertoire list is obligatory and can be accessed at Downloads.

The use of stylistically appropriate ornamentation is expected. Transpositions are only permitted for the songs (bring the transposed scores with you).

The selection of the pieces must be communicated when registering for the competition and is binding. The sequence of performances within each round is determined by the participants. Deviations are not desired.


The works specified in the repertoire list are available in printed editions. All works are to be performed according to the Urtext. For the preparation of the 3rd round, the use of the Telemann edition or the Halle Handel edition is recommended.

The original vocal ranges and keys of the arias may not be changed.


The following time limits are obligatory for the individual rounds:

1st Round: 15 minutes*
2nd Round: 20 minutes*
3rd Round (Final): 30 minutes

* The specified times include setup and tuning. If necessary, the works may be performed with shortened Da capos and/or without repeats. The Jury reserves the right to curtail performances or to request that individual movements be omitted.

Hence, the program to be prepared may have a duration of up to 60 minutes.

The organizers will provide a two-manual harpsichord. Throughout the entire competition the instrument will be tuned to a concert pitch of 415 Hz, according to the Bach-Kellner temperament. Rooms with identically tuned harpsichords will be available for rehearsals.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the number of participants will be limited to 50. A preselection based on a video recording will therefore be carried out among all applicants. The video recording must be submitted together with the registration documents by January 6, 2023 (new registration deadline).

Guidelines for the Application Video

  • The video has to contain one selected operatic aria by G. Ph. Telemann or G. F. Handel from the competition repertoire of the 3rd round, which is to be recorded with accompaniment (piano, harpsichord or basso continuo accompaniment).
  • The work chosen for the application video may also be performed during the actual competition
  • You may use sheet music.
  • The video needs to be recorded in an appropriate setting, for example a university’s hall or studio. Overly reverberant environments should be avoided.
  • The submitted video has to be uncut.
  • A decent sound quality is considered mandatory.
  • The video should contain the applicant’s full name as well as the title of the performed operatic aria.
  • The video file should be named as follows: SURNAME_NAME_ITW_2023
  • The video has to be submitted via file sharing services such as WeTransfer ( or
    Filemail ( to no later than January 6, 2023.

The German version of the announcement text is binding.

  • If you have difficulties obtaining sheet music, please do not hesitate to contact us:
  • You may use sheet music during the competition.