Telemann Society

Our Mission

Die Internationale Telemann-Gesellschaft e.V. (International Telemann Society)

  • sponsors research into Telemann's life, work and influence and offers a forum for many kinds of exchanges
  • participates in conferences and the publication of proceedings and ​collaborates with regional and local Telemann-interest groups
  • emphasizes support for international cooperation in Telemann- performances and research, ​inspired by the composer ​himself, who ​studied the music of various European nations and integrated it into his own compositions
  • publishes information on ​international ​Telemann performances and research in its comprehensive newsletter
  • encourages musical festivals and events that advance the dissemination of Telemann's ​oeuvre​
  • organizes the International Telemann Competition, which takes place, every other year since 2001, ​in Magdeburg
  • co-sponsors Telemann​festivals and ​events in various countries and cities
  • acts as liaison between the various Telemann Societies and ​issues invitations​ to ​"Meetings of Telemann Societies" in ​various places.​